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Toro Grandstand 60″

1550 Hours

60″ deck

Kawasaki FX730V

New engine 200 hours ago

Bad Boy Outlaw Renegade 61″ Diesel

495 Hours

Perkins Diesel

61″ cut

Suspension seat


Exmark Lazer E 60″

Get ready to elevate your lawn maintenance game with the rugged and durable 2015 Exmark Lawnmower! Priced at $6,400, this powerhouse comes with a remarkable 827 hours of service, proving its reliability and efficiency. Let’s dive into the features that make this lawnmower stand out:

**Cutting-Edge Technology:**

– **Maintenance-Free Blade Spindles:** No more hassle with greasing. The sealed and non-greasable spindles ensure smooth operation and longevity.
– **Superior Cutter Housing:** A 7.75″-diameter cutter housing with a robust 25mm spindle shaft and splined blade driver guarantees precision in every cut.


**Built to Tackle Any Terrain:**

– **Heavy-Duty Tires:** The 24 x 12-12, 4-ply Super Turf® drive tires paired with 13 x 6.50-6 smooth-tread front caster tires provide optimal traction for any mowing conditions.


**Robust Construction:**

– **Unibody Frame:** Welded and made of heavy-duty 1.5″ x 3″ tubular steel, the unibody frame ensures durability and stability, making this lawnmower a true workhorse.


**Enhanced Control and Comfort:**

– **Hydraulic Twin Levers:** Enjoy precise control with hydraulically dampened twin levers that are adjustable fore and aft. Customize drive responsiveness with adjustable dampeners.
– **Deluxe Seat:** The bolstered suspension seat with Elastomeric Vibration Control material and adjustable suspension ensures a comfortable ride.


**Efficient Engine Performance:**

– **Kawasaki V-Twin Engine:** Powered by a reliable Kawasaki FX730V V-Twin engine with a carbureted fuel system, providing 726cc of raw cutting power.
– **Hydro-Drive System:** Two Exmark exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems deliver optimal performance with integrated cooling fans and heavy-duty components.


**Advanced Features for Convenience:**

– **Parking Brake:** Easily manage the lawnmower with a lever-actuated disc brake for secure parking.
– **Infinitely Variable Speed Selection:** Cruise through your lawn at speeds ranging from 0–10.0 mph forward and 0–6.0 mph reverse.


**Safety First:**

– **Operator Presence Controls (OPC):** The safety package includes OPC and drive system interlock, along with safety interlock system indicators.
– **ROPS:** Equipped with a 2-post foldable ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) standard, complete with a seat belt and latch.


**Enhanced Cutting Precision:**

– **Wide Cutting Deck:** The Exmark lawnmower boasts a 60″ cutting deck, ensuring a broad and efficient mowing path with each pass.
– **Floating Deck Technology:** Experience superior cutting flexibility with the full-floating UltraCut Series 4 deck that adapts to the contours of your lawn, providing a clean and even cut.
– **Versatile Deck Style:** Equipped with a side discharge standard, featuring a molded discharge chute. Plus, you have the option to bag or mulch, giving you the freedom to customize your lawn care approach.


**Durable and Sturdy Deck Construction:**

– **Heavy-Duty Build:** The deck construction is a testament to durability, featuring a 10-gauge top that is formed and continuously seam welded. The 7-gauge side skirt and spindle mounting locations are also 7-gauge formed and welded, ensuring improved strength and reduced weight.


**Optimized Blade Performance:**

– **Blade Tip Speed:** Achieve exceptional cutting results with a blade tip speed of approximately 18,500 fpm.
– **Adjustable Cutting Heights:** Tailor your lawn to perfection with cutting heights ranging from 1.0″ to 5.5″ in 0.25″ increments, all easily adjustable from the operator’s seat.
– **Triple-Blade System:** The lawnmower features a robust triple-blade system, with blades measuring 20.50″ in length.


**Impressive Dimensions:**

– **Width:** With a width of 72.8 inches, this lawnmower provides excellent coverage, reducing the time needed for your mowing tasks.
– **Length:** Measuring at 83.1 inches, the lawnmower strikes a balance between size and maneuverability.
– **Height:** Stand tall with a lawnmower height of 70 inches, ensuring visibility and control as you tackle your lawn.


With its wide cutting deck, advanced features, and sturdy construction, the Exmark lawnmower is ready to handle any lawn with precision and efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this powerhouse of a lawnmower. Contact us today to make it yours and experience lawn care like never before!


Kawasaki 730 engine, 827 hours, 60″ deck, suspension seat

Exmark Lazer X 60

Get ready for an exhilarating mowing experience with the 2019 model, boasting an impressive 1350 hours of pure cutting power! Priced at an unbeatable $7,500, this machine is not just a lawnmower—it’s a cutting-edge marvel that will revolutionize your lawn care routine. Picture this: the cutting-edge UltraCut™ Series 6 deck boasting a whopping 60-inch cutting width—making every pass a masterpiece.  But wait, there’s more! Buckle up for a ride in pure comfort with our unique seating system that redefines what it means to mow in style. Unrivaled comfort? Check. And for those tech-savvy operators, we’ve thrown in a standard 12-volt adapter to keep your devices charged and ready for action.

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate mower, look no further. The Lazer Z X-Series isn’t just at the top of the list; it’s setting the standard for mowing excellence. Get ready to elevate your mowing game!

**Cutting Precision Redefined:**

– **Blade Tip Speed:** Brace yourself for a mind-blowing blade tip speed of approximately 18,500 fpm.
– **Triple-Blade Action:** Featuring 3 blades at a whopping 20.50″ length, ensuring each pass is a cut above the rest.
– **Customizable Heights:** Take control with cutting heights ranging from 1.0″ to 5.5″ in 0.25″ increments—all adjustable from the comfort of the operator’s seat.

**Top-of-the-Line Construction:**

– **Floating Deck Technology:** The full-floating UltraCut Series 6 deck with a heavy-duty spindle is not just a deck—it’s a precision instrument for the perfect cut.
– **Robust Deck Build:** A 10-gauge top seamlessly welded, 7-gauge side skirt, and spindle mounting locations for enhanced strength and reduced weight.


**Impressive Dimensions and Features:**

– **Wide Cutting Deck:** Cover more ground with a 60″ cutting deck.
– **Height, Length, and Width:** Stand tall with a lawnmower height of 70 inches, measuring 83.1 inches in length, and boasting a width of 72.8 inches.
– **Cup Holder and Deluxe Seat:** Enjoy the ride with standard luxuries like a cup holder and a deluxe, two-tone, bolstered suspension seat for maximum comfort.


**Powerful Engine and Drive System:**

– **Kawasaki V-Twin Engine:** Fueled by an 852cc Kawasaki FX801V V-Twin engine, delivering unmatched power at 3,750 rpm.
– **Hydro-Drive System:** Two Exmark exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems, providing an infinitely variable speed selection from 0–11.5 mph forward and 0–6.0 mph reverse.


**Safety and Convenience:**

– **ROPS and Safety Package:** Equipped with a 2-post foldable ROPS, Operator Presence Controls (OPC), and a safety interlock system for your peace of mind.
– **Lever-actuated Disc Brake:** A parking brake that ensures secure handling even when not in motion.



**Fuel Your Passion for Precision:**

– **Fuel Capacity and Type:** A 12-gallon single fuel tank with a single fill location, delivering power when you need it.
– **Infinitely Variable Speed:** Blaze through your lawn with an infinitely variable speed selection forward and reverse.


This isn’t just a lawnmower; it’s a cutting-edge companion on your journey to the perfect lawn. With a warranty until 1500 hours or May 2024, seize the opportunity to own this powerhouse. Contact us now and elevate your lawn care game to thrilling heights!


1350 Hours, Kawasaki FX801, warranty till 1500 hours or May 2024

John Deere 661R

Stand on mower

61″ deck

610 hours

New Exmark Vertex X 60″

New Vertex X stand on

60″ cut

Kawasaki EFI engine


New Exmark Lazer X 72″

72″ Deck

Kawasaki FX921

31 HP

Quick Rake deck adjustment

New Exmark Quest E 50

50″ Deck

Kohler Engine

New Exmark Quest X 48″

48″ Fabricated Deck

24 HP Kohler  Engine

NEW Exmark Radius 48″

New Exmark Radius

48″ deck, 2 Blades

24.5 HP Exmark Engine