Lauf Equipment keeps a fully stocked parts inventory at all times. If you’d like to look up your part number use the resources provided below. Simply find your part number and then give us a call and we’ll check for availability.


**Considering everything going on in the world with the Covid19, our family would like to remind you that we can ship any and all parts orders to your home.  Please stay safe.


Click on your equipment’s brand to search for same brand parts. 

For these brands use Agco Parts Look-Up to search for parts. 

Agco Parts is a way to view the parts books for Agco equipment. It’s simple to use.

  1. Click
  2. Login:  laufguest  Password:  laufguest  (Note:  everything in login & password must be lowercase letters)
  3. Enter model and brand
  4. Select the diagram you are wishing to view on the right.
  5. The picture will show up in the middle, and on the left will appear the part numbers in correlation to the picture.

For these brands call Lauf Equipment: 573-635-6836