About Us

Lauf Equipment is a farm, lawn, and construction equipment dealership providing sales, parts, and service. We take pride in being a service to the farm, lawn, and construction industries as well as the homeowner. Our main lines of equipment include Massey Ferguson, Gehl, Kuhn, Bush Hog, Exmark, Echo, and Simplicity.

Lauf Equipment was founded in 1942 by Alex Lauf. To learn more about our history see it all here!

The trend for the past 40 years in farm dealerships is “to get big or go home”. A quick Google search will show you that ownership of farm dealerships has transitioned away from single location family owned dealerships into large-stake ownership of multi-location stores and in some cases, publicly traded companies.

Unlike in a publicly traded fortune 500 company, Lauf Equipment’s managers double as shareholders. The managers are focused on helping the two groups of people closest to them, customers and employees, which adds increased emphasis on customer & employee relationships; creating a larger-than-normal base of loyal customers and lower than normal employee turnover. Because of this low employee turnover, our employees are more experienced at solving problems translating into a higher than normal work capacity compared to the typical single-location dealership.

The backbone of Lauf equipment is the service & repair department, which is unlike some competitors who can only compete on prices in order to sell whole goods.  Our service department especially benefits established farmers & commercial landscapers by minimizing response times during harvest with flexible scheduling.  This flexibility carries over to the other departments in the business as well.

For Example:

  • Our parts department keeps a higher level of low-turnover parts in house to minimize customer waiting time in harvest along with the normal maintenance parts such as filters and oils.
  • Our sales department keeps a wide section of new and used units for better customer selection. They stay up to date with new technology and financing programs.

While our competitors are becoming larger dealerships, we have chosen to remain fairly small to keep our relationships with our customers more personable. There is a lot of value placed on the relationships we have built with local families and our community. We appreciate the fact that the same family that did business with the founder Alex Lauf, 70 years ago is still doing business with us today. To have the opportunity to go through so many generations with another family is really special.

Meet the Lauf Team!