Danuser Intimidator

This is the next greatest tree puller.  Unlike pricepoint designed tree pullers, the Danuser uses a leverage style of gears on the bare inside of the unit that multiplies the grip torque of the mouth.  This center bite technology allows your skidsteer/tractor to transfer even more force to grabbing and cutting.  A Shearpin style of set up on the grill guard ensures that you’ll struggle wayyy more to bend the frame, unlike a rigid frame machine.  With replaceable front teeth and center hinge pins, the jaws of the machine are nearly undamageable thanks to the hinge points.  Incredibly easy and almost fun to operate, this thing can move trees, rocks, and just about anything you can imagine.  Attaches to skid loaders, track machines, almost everything with optional skidsteer and euro attach options.   If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or check out the Danuser Intimidator on their youtube channel listed below.  But this isn’t a decision you’ll regret!

options include:   saw teeth on outside of grabbers to grind stumps down, optional euro attach hookup, optional weld-on backplate

(trackloader is not included in price, but the dead tree stump is negotiable 😉 )