John Deere Triple Bagger for Z900 ZTR

Triple Bag system

came of JD Z925

New Gardner Welding 48″ Grapple

48″ grapple

skid steer attach

flat face couplers

NEW Gardner Welding Tree Shear

Skid steer mount

flat face couplers

6″ diameter capacity

Gardner Welding Skid Steer Wood Splitter

28″ opening

50 ton

skid steer attach

Norden MFG 510F Bale Grabber

  • 10 bale grabber for moving bales arranged 2 long, 4 wide plus tie row, on edge.
  • Bale groups can be picked up from the tie row end or the opposite end, enabling cross-stacking
  • Matches bundles made with the AF10 bale accumulator.
  • Heavy duty grapple.
  • Requires a loader with at least 1,700lb lift capacity and one set of remotes

New B-Built 94″ Rakenator

New Cat 2 Quick Hitch

Worksaver Cat 2 quick hitch

Piranha 48″ tooth bar

Serrated tooth bar

bolt on

Fits 48″ buckets on subcompacts

3 Point bale spike with ball hitch

3 point bale spike with ball hitch

72″ Rock Grapple