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New Tar River 5′ Snow blade

New Tar River 5′ Snow blade
New Tar River 5′ Snow blade








Tar River CSP60




Introducing the New Tar River TRCSP60 5′ Snow Blade, a brand-new and robust snow removal attachment designed for tractors. This snow blade is equipped with features that prioritize functionality, durability, and customization to meet the diverse needs of users.

Blade Design: The 5′ Snow Blade boasts a manual adjust feature, allowing operators to easily customize the blade angle according to the snow removal requirements. The manual adjustability ensures flexibility and adaptability during various snow clearing operations.

Cutting Edge: Designed for efficiency and longevity, the snow blade features a replaceable steel cutting edge. This not only enhances the blade’s durability but also facilitates cost-effective maintenance. The cutting edge ensures a clean and effective snow removal process.

Loader Frame Protection: One of the standout features of the New Tar River snow blade is its innovative design to protect the loader frame of the tractor from unforeseeable objects while pushing snow. This added protection ensures the longevity of the tractor’s loader frame, preventing potential damage during snow removal operations.

Skid Steer Style Hookup: The snow blade is equipped with a skid steer style hookup, providing a secure and efficient attachment method to the tractor. This hookup style ensures a quick and hassle-free connection, allowing users to focus on the task at hand – removing snow effectively.

Hydraulic Cylinder Option: For users seeking enhanced control and convenience, the New Tar River 5′ Snow Blade offers an optional hydraulic cylinder. This feature allows for effortless adjustments of the blade angle without manual effort. The hydraulic cylinder adds a level of ease and precision to the snow removal process.

Versatility: Whether clearing driveways, parking lots, or pathways, this snow blade is designed for versatility. Its 5′ width ensures efficient snow removal over a significant area, making it suitable for various residential and commercial applications.

Quality Construction: Built with quality materials and craftsmanship, the New Tar River snow blade is a reliable and durable attachment. The construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of heavy snow removal operations, providing users with a long-lasting and dependable tool.

Customizable to Customer Preferences: The customer has the option to choose the hydraulic cylinder for added convenience based on their preferences and operational needs. This customization ensures that users can tailor the snow blade to suit their specific requirements.

In summary, the New Tar River 5′ Snow Blade is a powerful and adaptable snow removal solution designed to protect the tractor’s loader frame, provide efficient snow clearing, and offer customization options for enhanced user experience. Whether manual or hydraulic, this snow blade is ready to tackle winter challenges with ease.