Lauf Equipment was founded in 1942.

Tom Lauf
Tom is part-owner of Lauf Equipment, son of Harold Lauf, and grandson of Alex Lauf (founder). In his eyes, teamwork is the most important part of Lauf Equipment. There are not many people in this world that know more about a square baler than Tom. He is knowledgeable in service, sales, and parts. Tom appreciates the boat, for both fishing and gambling. He is proudly married to Dolores and has two daughters, one son, and six grandchildren.
Mary Lauf
Mary is part-owner of Lauf Equipment, daughter of Harold Lauf, and granddaughter of Alex Lauf (founder). She has grown up in and out of the shop. Mary is primarily the office manager, working with bookkeeping, account receivables, finances, etc. She has her high school diploma and some college; however, Mary has been trained by her mother, father, and brother, Mike. Mary has four children, five grandchildren, and a wonderful husband, Don Nichols. She works full time at the shop to pay for travel expenses to see her grandkids.
Jim Lauf
Jim is part-owner of Lauf Equipment, son of Harold Lauf, and grandson of Alex Lauf (founder). He has worked at Lauf Equipment since he graduated from Helias in 1979, after his two older brothers and sister. Before working full time, he raised hogs, cows, and geese. Jim mostly works with the technicians in the service department, but can sometimes be found in the parts and sales department. Jim married Betsy in 1981 and has two children and three grandchildren. Jim’s favorite holiday is April’s Fool Day, but he is ornery all year round.
Mark Prenger
Mark has worked full time at Lauf Equipment since 1992 and worked in construction for two summers before that. He works in the service department, making most of the service calls in the field. His work motto is “whatever it takes to get done”. He has two sons, Austin and Logan. Mark enjoys hunting, trapping, and working on the farm. You never know what kind of critter Mark will have with him!
Larry Swillum
Larry is a good ol’ boy. He has worked full time at Lauf Equipment since he was old enough to work. He has worked with Alex, Harold, and Tom, if that tells you anything about his age. Larry is a leading mechanic with years of experience. When Larry isn’t working on an old Massey, he is raising cows on his farm in California. Larry is definitely someone to turn to for advice on how to work with any kind of tractor or baler.
Jeff Mertens
Jeff works full time as a service technician. He mostly works with large diesel engines. He has been with Lauf Equipment since 1998. Jeff had over twelve years experience in a truck shop before coming to Lauf Equipment. In his spare time Jeff is an avid archer and likes to hunt. He is married with one child.
Bruce Wekenberg
Bruce is an Allis Chalmers man. He got trapped into working with the Lauf’s after owning Mid West Implement for a loooong time. Bruce joined the Lauf Equipment team in 2005. He works “up front” in the parts department, mostly with lawn mower parts. He also helps out with sales. Bruce graduated from Helias High School, married Lu Anne, and has two daughters, one son, and two granddaughters. He often confuses Grace (Harold’s widow) into thinking he is one of her own, and takes family pictures with the other “kids”.
Terrance LePage
Terrance is a salesman at Lauf Equipment. He has worked at Lauf Equipment since 2004. He is very interested in the agricultural field. He graduated from University of Missouri Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business. Terrance was raised on a farm near Russellville, MO and enjoys keeping the farm up to date. Terrance is also very interested in sports and outdoors. He has worked for four NFL training camps.
John Luebbering
John works full time in the parts department. He has been with Lauf Equipment since 1998. He knows where and how to locate parts easily. He is in charge of ordering all the Agco parts. John likes working with the collectable toys at Lauf Equipment. John lives in Wardsville with his wife Janet. He has two daughters that are grown and one grandson.
Jeremy Perkins
Jeremy, Tom’s nephew, is the behind the scenes guy at Lauf Equipment. He works full time in the parts department receiving inventory, ordering parts, returning parts, and sending in warranties. He started working at Lauf Equipment part time in 1998 and has been working full time since 2006. Jeremy graduated from Central Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2005. He has attended warranty, parts, and sales classes provided by Agco Corporation. He married Anne Marie in the summer of 2011.
Dean Green
Dean has been working full time at Lauf Equipment since 1998. He has more than thirty-five years experience in small engine repair. He usually works on two and four cycle machines. Dean has driven over one million miles on a truck, either picking up or delivering tractors. He is a Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician and has attended multiple other schools. Dean is happily married to Dawn and lives in Holts Summit.
Doug Schmid
Doug started at Lauf Equipment while attending high school in 2009. After receiving his AAS (Associates of Applied Science) Degree in Farm and Industrial Equipment from Oklahoma State University IT in 2011, Doug started working as a full time technician. Doug also works on a farm around Jefferson City.
Jeremy Hartge
Jeremy works full time in the service department as a technician. He started working at Lauf Equipment in May of 2011. Jeremy attended Missouri Welding Institute in Nevada, MO. He is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Welding Society certified welder. He has five years of ASE certified training as Automobile Technician at Carroll-Rehma Motors. He has also had two years experience travelling as an over the road welder and numerous other miscellaneous projects. He is married with no children. He was born and raised on a small Osage County farm near Chamois-Morrison area.
Zack Lauf
Zack is the youngest of Harold’s grandchildren and Tom’s children. He has recently graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management. Zack is now working full time at Lauf Equipment in the accounting department. Zack has grown up at the shop and enjoys his work completely.
Elizabeth (Lauf) Berendzen
Elizabeth currently works full time with her dad, Jim, in the service department. She assists with ticket write ups and scheduling. Elizabeth also works in the parts and bookkeeping departments, and occasionally, will help in the sales department. In 2011, she graduated from University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Elizabeth’s creativity and new ideas have been a great asset to Lauf Equipment. Elizabeth married Adam Berendzen from Mary’s Home on September 20, 2014. They currently reside in Jefferson City.
Jon Lauf
Jon is the son of Jim Lauf. He has grown up around Lauf Equipment in the service department. He currently works full time as a mechanical engineer at a local electric power plant, but helps out most every weekend in the shop. While attending Helias and St. Louis University, Jon worked part time as a service technician. After graduating from SLU with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Jon worked full time at Lauf Equipment as a warranty reporter and service technician from 2005-2008. He is an Agco Qualified Service Technician. He has also been trained in Gehl XPRT Service, Echo Factory, and Dixon Serviced Clinic. Jon lives in Jefferson City with his wife, daughter, and two sons.
Patty Gaffke
Patty, daughter of Mary Lauf, joined Lauf Equipment part time in September of 2010. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Avila University in Kansas City. She works as a project coordinator and miscellaneous jobs. She does all the graphic design work, including business cards, flyers, promotional materials, tags, etc. Her creative talents and skills turn ordinary documents into eye-catching tools for our customers. Patty also functions as our photographer when needed. She has a daughter, loves painting in her spare time and works full time at Community Asset Builders LLC as a graphic designer.
Jason Kempker
Jason is a small engine technician. During down time, however, Jason works on tractors and skid steers. He is from Bonnots Mill, and graduated with a degree in small engines from Linn Technical College. Jason is eager to learn and helps with anything he can.
Jason Hammonn
Jason is the grandson of Martin Hammonn, who worked at Lauf Equipment years ago. Jason started working part-time at Lauf Equipment in January of 2015. He delivers and picks up equipment. He also helps out in the shop. He was born to be a farmer. After graduating from Jefferson City High School, he went right into farming (two farms currently). He is also a full time Cole County EMS, Firefighter for Cole County fire protection and a Cole County first responder. He is married with one daughter.
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