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New Industrias America 10′ Box Blade

10′ box blade

hydraulic lift

Bison 120-270 9′ blade

Bison 9′ Rear Blade | CAT II | QH Comp. | Up To 110 HP |

9′ blade

hydraulic angle

Weight 1080 lbs

NB Series Features
•  For a wide range of grading applications from road leveling to dam maintenance.
•  Models offered for different size tractors ranging from 65-120 HP.
•  The NB Series is capable of lateral and tilt movements by either manual or hydraulic adjustments.
•  The Blade can rotate 360 Degrees without unhooking equipment.
•  Both the tilt and swing adjustments can be accomplished without changing or moving cylinders, as in other models.


Industrias America 180- 8′ blade

8′ blade

75 HP

tilt and angle cylinders

Industrias Americas 190, 9′ blade

9′ blade

125 HP

tilt and angle cylinders

New Bush Hog MBX72 Box Blade

6′ box Blade