Jim Lepper

Jim (or as you might hear occasionally called “Jimmy” because we have two Jims) is our first full-time pick-up & delivery driver.  For many customers, Jim is the first point of in-person contact for discussing and troubleshooting issues, which is awesome because Jim brings an upbeat can-do and professional attitude to Lauf Equipment that is hard to mistake.  Our customers and employees know that their information is being relayed accurately and on-point thanks to Jimmy’s strong listening and communication skills.

While mentioning skills, it is worth noting that Jimmy has earned his Class A CDL which isn’t easy in today’s day and age, and he maintains all the protocols to go along with it.  We are delighted by his strong safety-first tenancies.  When he isn’t picking up and delivering heavy equipment, you can find him in the service department, helping out where ever he can.  We are blessed & thankful to have Jimmy on the team!