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NEW Massey Ferguson 1526

NEW Massey Ferguson 1526
NEW Massey Ferguson 1526
NEW Massey Ferguson 1526


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Massey Ferguson






Massey Ferguson 1526 Series

Back by Popular Demand – The 1526

Now with the versatility of a mid PTO.

You wanted a small tractor with more application versatility. Well we’re bringing back a versatile workhorse, the Massey Ferguson 1526 premium compact tractor. Built especially for a new generation of landowners and hobby farmers who want a tractor that’s as hard-working and no-nonsense as they are.

Features may include:


  • Truly a versatile workhorse — only better. The 1526 can handle your mower and loader work, and the mid PTO is perfect for snow applications.


  • The 1526 offers an optional L100E quick attach, making attaching and changing the bucket simple.


  • A rear and mid PTO give you more versatility on operations and implements. The rear and mid PTO levers allow for independent or simultaneous operation of both drives. The electro-hydraulic PTO clutch features push-button control, so you can engage or disengage both on the go, with no clutching or reaching for levers.

Transmission (Hydrostatic with Cruise Control)

  • A three-range hydrostatic transmission with intuitive operation means faster range-gear selection, while separate forward and reverse foot pedals on the uncluttered platform give precise control of speed and direction.

Ease of Use

  • The work you do is hard. Your tractor is supposed to make it easier on you. With the return of the MF1526, it is.

Light switch

  • The light combination switch makes using headlights and turn signals effortless.


  • A simple release hood latch makes preventative maintenance, like checking filters and fluid levels, easy.

Instrument panel

  • The instrument panel features a straightforward design that lets you read all tractor functions with a quick glance.


  • We know the more comfortable you are in your tractor; the more work you can get done. And we’ve designed the 1526 specifically with added operator comfort in mind.


  • A seat-mounted, retractable seatbelt provides additional safety, while enhancing operator comfort.

Operator Station

  • The semi-flat platform gives you more legroom and makes entering and exiting the operator station easier. Plus, add a rubber floor mat to reduce fatigue, vibration and noise.

Dual hydrostatic control pedals

  • The side-by-side control pedals are positioned to provide a more natural seating position during directional changes.

26 HP

Hydro transmission

loader with skid steer attach

R4 tires with fluid in rear tires