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NEW 48″ Rock Grapple From Gardner Welding

NEW 48″ Rock Grapple From Gardner Welding






Gardner Welding


48" Grapple




Introducing the Gardner Welding Rock Grapple in a compact 48″ size – the perfect solution for farmers seeking efficiency in land clearing. As with all our Gardner Welding products, this grapple is designed, manufactured, and built right here in Cole County Missouri.

Gardner Welding is a trusted small, local, and family-owned business committed to quality and precision.

**Key Features:**

1. **Compact and Powerful:** This 48″ skid steer attachment is designed for versatility, allowing you to efficiently clear land, pick up brush, rocks, and debris on your farm. Suitable for use on sub-compact tractors it offers a compact yet powerful solution for your specific needs.

2. **Single Cylinder Efficiency:** The grapple features a single 2″ x 6″ hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and flat face fittings. This hydraulic system ensures smooth and powerful operation, making it an ideal choice for handling various materials with ease.

3. **Optimized Spacing:** The lower tines are strategically spaced at 12 inches, providing ample room for effective handling of different-sized materials. This design ensures efficient land clearing, making it suitable for a range of farming applications.

4. **Compact Grapple Size:** The grapple itself is 24 inches long, providing a balance between compactness and functionality. This makes it a convenient and versatile tool for navigating tight spaces and handling tasks with precision.

5. **Safety and Durability:** Gardner Welding prioritizes safety with a fully welded solid back plate on the grapple bucket. This not only ensures the safety of the operator and machine but also adds durability and strength to the bucket.

6. **Attachment Options:** The grapple is available in skid steer quick attach, providing compatibility with a variety of equipment.

7. **USA-Made Quality:** Gardner Welding takes pride in contributing to local business and our local economy. The grapple is made in the USA, with fully welded main attachment parts for enhanced durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable attachment for your farming needs.

8. **Hose Protection:** The grapple is equipped with heavy-duty spiral hose wrap on hydraulic supply hoses, providing protection and longevity, minimizing the risk of wear and tear.

Choose the Gardner Welding Rock Grapple in 48″ for a compact, powerful, and locally-made solution to streamline your land-clearing tasks. Invest in quality, invest in efficiency – Made in the USA.


Manufactured, designed, and built right here in Cole County Missouri from Gardner Welding who is a small, family-owned business.  All implements are hand-assembled.

  • Rock and Root grapple buckets combined into one Bucket to fit compact tractors.
  • Fitted with a 2″ x 6″ hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and flat face fittings.
  • Offered in the 48″ light duty.  Special ordered in heavy duty for mini skid-steers.
  • Skidsteer attach
  • lower tines are 12″ spacing and grapple is 24″ wide.

All Gardner Welding grapple buckets have fully welded solid back plate for the safety of the operator and machine.  Solid backs offer more durability and a stronger bucket.

Made in the USA